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Remodels and Renovation

Creative Team
Creative Team March 6th, 2024

Remodeling an unoccupied home is easy. Remodeling a home that has people living in it can be a challenge for those who decided to stay. I’ve had some people who stayed throughout a major renovation and the good news is they survived!

The interruption can’t be imagined by homeowners prior to the start of a home renovation project. That’s why I always tell customers, you will be delighted when we get started building but you’ll be even more delighted when we are done and gone!
Prepare people for the disruption they are about to experience. It helps prepare them for the day they’re arriving home from a hectic day to find the driveway blocked by work trucks and 5 strangers in their house. A house that is in total disarray along with ambient sounds of a house being remodeled can be stressful. Keep your eyes on the prize I tell them with a smile, we will be done before you know it.

We understand what it’s like. So, we try to keep things swept up and limit dust and debris to the area where we are working. We also use ventilation fans designed to pick up and carry out of the building the dust we create. Not only do we scrub the air, but we also use Zip Wall barriers. This is a system for creating a plastic wall and confines the air in the space we are working, and it really works well.

In the end the reward is huge and your home returns to quietness and beauty.