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Small Bathroom Renovations

Creative Team
Creative Team March 6th, 2024

How to Update Your Bathroom and Make It More Luxurious

One of the most satisfying things you can do for yourself is to update your bathroom. Every day we use the bathroom to get ready for work and then at the end of the day to get ready for bed. A well-designed bathroom can make you feel more comfortable, relaxed, and pampered.

For years I have been designing bathrooms, some 5’x8′ and some 10’x20′. While bigger is nice it doesn’t mean you can’t have a great small bathroom. The same product and material can be used in either size bathroom. This is where a good plan and design come into play. Proper use of wall space and ceiling space can help make a little more. I often times on the interior wall will open the wall cavity on the bathroom side creating shelving space. By creating additional useful storage, you can reduce the size of the sink vanity which in turn frees up space on the floor. This is a game changer. Add a cabinet over the toilet and extend the vanity top to flow over the toilet tank lid and you will love the look. Tired of a cold toilet seat we can install a Toto Washlet seat and you’ll never go back to the old seat!

Next, we will take out the bathtub and re-pipe the water supply line with Pex pipe. We will then install a nice walk-in shower with a handheld shower. We will enclose the shower with tempered glass. The ceiling will have new down lighting and a LED mirror over the vanity.

Tile some walls and paint the rest. That with new flooring will give added luxury.